Choosing the right caravan park to site your static

If you've decided to take the plunge and purchase a static caravan, choosing the right caravan park is crucial. The wrong decision could shatter your dreams and may cause a headache if you end up having to resell. By following our advice, we can help ensure you make the right choice of caravan park for your static caravan.

How to choose the right caravan park for your static caravan.

The number one thing you need to do before signing on the dotted line is weigh up your different options. Studies have found that people who fail to do enough research before choosing a caravan park often end up regretting it.

Researching your options doesn't just mean listening to what the sales rep at the park has to say; you need to do your own digging around, too.

Suitable for your needs

When deciding how to choose the right caravan park for your static caravan, think carefully about what you want from it. Don't just consider your needs at this current time, but assess whether they're likely to change in the future, and how the park can accommodate these. Consider aspects such as:

  • Facilities and amenities.
  • Entertainment options.
  • Shops on-site or nearby.
  • Internet access.
  • Is the site pet- or child-friendly?
  • Is it safe - what security measures are in place?

Location matters

Location is one of the most important considerations when choosing a caravan site. It should be fairly accessible for you to get to - ideally, no more than three hours away.

The location of the park should also be one that offers the right ingredients for what you want from a holiday, whether that includes relaxing, sightseeing or being close to the coast.

Whereabouts you're located on the site is important, too. For example, you might not want to be placed next to a busy thoroughfare, where people are coming and going all the time, which could hinder your privacy.

Consider the wider location, too. Drive around the nearby area to get an idea of what facilities are available within a few miles of the caravan park. Keep your eyes open for any possible concerns, such as being located close to a flood plain or river.

Rules and regulations

Discuss the terms of the caravan park with the general manager, and scrutinise any paperwork before you put your signature to it. In particular, find out whether:

  • The park is open all-year-round.
  • You are allowed to rent your caravan out.
  • There are any extra fees you need to pay.
  • Site fees are likely to increase and how often.
  • You need to arrange your own caravan insurance.
  • A warranty is included.
  • You can choose where you're based within the park.

Consult reviews

As well as gaining information from the park owners, it's useful to speak to other people who actually already own a static on the park, to find out what they enjoy about the place.

Equally, look at review sites online or forum groups, to get an overall view of whether the caravan park is right for you.

Taking care to make the right decision will have a huge impact on your enjoyment of your holidays, so weighing up your options beforehand is certainly time well spent.

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