Static caravan insurance

A static caravan isn't just a small investment, with some people saving up and dreaming of owning a caravan for years before purchasing one. It, therefore, makes sense to protect your new home from home with static caravan insurance.

Here's our guide to insurance for your static caravan or lodge:

Do you have to insure a static caravan?

You definitely need static caravan or lodge insurance. Most sites will require it, but even if yours doesn't you'd be taking a huge risk without it.

You can't be there to watch your holiday home at all times. It's at risk of damage cause by other people or inclement weather.

Accidents can happen, and static caravan insurance will protect your bank balance if they do.

Having insurance provides peace of mind so that you can relax. Whether you're on holiday or at home, you know that your investment is protected.

What will your insurance cover?

Your static caravan insurance should cover:

* Weather damage

Your caravan should be protected against damage caused by storms, floods and winter weather.

* Burglary and vandalism

If other people damage your static caravan, your insurance should cover the repairs. It may be that your unoccupied caravan is a damaged when you're not around, or that you've rented it out to someone that leaves it in a less-than-ideal condition.

* Third-party claims

What if someone else claims that your caravan has caused damage to them or their property? You may want static caravan insurance that covers potential legal costs. The costs of third party claims could be far more than you could ever afford, which is why it's very important to check that this is covered by your policy.

Before you take out an insurance policy, check the details of what it covers. Make sure that it's the right policy for you and your property. It's highly recommended to get cover for winter and frost damage. This is a common and expensive problem, but one that some policies don't cover.

How much is static caravan insurance?

Most people can expect to pay less than £500 a year for their insurance. You might pay more if you'd like cover for a more feature-packed holiday home or for external areas like decking, but the average cost of static caravan insurance is around £300.

Is it easy to get caravan or lodge insurance?

It's easy to set up an insurance policy for static caravans and lodges. You can buy static caravan insurance online. You might also like to phone, discussing your individual needs.

There are several companies offering insurance for caravans and holiday lodges. Some parks will require you to use a specific insurer, so it's worth checking with your site provider before you buy static caravan insurance.

What does an insurer need to know?

Be honest about how your static caravan is used. Are you the sole user, or are you renting it out to short-term holidaymakers? This can affect the price of your insurance, and what your insurer will pay out. If you provide the wrong information then you might invalidate your policy.

If your usage changes during the policy, it's essential to update your provider.

You might also need to tell your insurer if you've made significant changes to your caravan. Refitting and refurbishing may change your caravan's value. You may also need a higher level of cover if you add high-value items, like games consoles or antiques, that might not be covered by your policy.

Recreational or permanent residence?

Find the policy that suits your residential situation. It is likely that you'll need a policy specifically for recreational use. If you're at a park where you can live permanently in your lodge or static, then you'll need different insurance to cover this permanent residence.

Should you compare static caravan insurance?

There are several providers of static caravan insurance, and it's crucial that you find the right one. Compare prices and quotes, but always check the small print to see what each policy covers.

The cheapest policy may not cover everything that you're going to face, but it's also not always true that the most expensive policy is best. Rather than focusing entirely on price, check what each policy can offer. If you're not sure, call and speak to a person at the end of the phone line.

Once your policy is in place, you're protected financially against any risks. You can enjoy your static caravan without panicking if something goes wrong.

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