Taking delivery of your static caravan or lodge

Everything's going to plan. You've chosen your static caravan, or lodge, and have picked the perfect pitch on which to keep it. Before you can enjoy your new holiday home, you've got to get it firmly into place.

Siting a static caravan is a logistical challenge, made so much easier when you have clear plans.

Here's our advice on siting a static caravan, so that you can start holidaying or earning money:

Understanding static caravan transport & siting costs

If you've bought your static caravan through your chosen park, you won't need to arrange your own delivery. They'll put the caravan on your chosen plot, and it will probably be included in the overall purchase price you agreed.

You could avoid all issues with caravan siting by choosing one that's already in place, though that does require you to be happy with a specific caravan and the plot it stands on.

If you've bought from a dealership, they will plan delivery to your chosen park and pitch on your behalf. It's important that this is done correctly, so that your dealer and park are on board. Check the rules at your chosen site before you commit to buying. Some parks will only let you buy your static caravan through them and will arrange the delivery themselves

How much will delivery and siting cost?

You may need to pay around £1,000 to £5,000 for static caravan transport and siting. Delivery of brand new caravan coming direct from the manufacturer usually costs between £2,000 and £2,500. Make sure that you have factored this cost into your budget.

Also- you may have to pay extra for connection. This ensures that you'll have access to utilities like gas, electricity and water.

Look out for park offers, which may be used to encourage new owners to choose a particular location.

Who needs to be involved?

Your park operator is likely to deal with the siting of your caravan or lodge. You shouldn't expect to get too involved in this part of the process. Still, it's worth knowing the code of practice for static caravan transport and siting. You can get this information through the British Holiday & Home Parks Association.

Once your static caravan is securely in place, you can check it over to make sure that you're happy. Make sure that it is standing on a suitable base and has the appropriate support.

Your holiday home should have a level finish, using stands and blocks as required. If you have a large caravan or lodge, it may require additional support midway as well as at the ends.

Whoever has sited your static caravan should have lifted it with jacks under the main axle, raising it enough to let the wheels spin. Then, blocks should be placed on the beams underneath the caravan's chassis. Material is sometimes put between the blocks and the chassis for cushioning and vibration reduction.

When you walk around your caravan, you shouldn't feel that it's sloping one way or the other. You can use a spirit level across the middle of the caravan to check that yours is sited correctly.

Further precautions when siting your caravan

Some park operators will require for you to anchor your holiday home. This is also required by some providers of static caravan insurance. This is done to help ensure your holiday home doesn't move in a storm or strong winds.

If your holiday home is sited on the coast then it's very important to check precautions have been taken against it moving, rocking or tipping in the wind.

Who is responsible for correct siting?

The correct siting of your holiday home is the responsibility of the park operator, or the dealer that's arranged for park siting. You should contact the park manager with any concerns about your static caravan's position.

A static caravan should be properly supported and secured. If it's not, it may be a health and safety hazard. Incorrect supports may also cause damage to the caravan itself, with tell-tale signs including doors and windows that don't easily open and close.

Once your caravan is in place, take some time to check that you're happy. You should make sure that everything's safe and secure before using your new holiday home.

Then, you can enjoy years of wonderful memories in your correctly sited home away from home.

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