Choosing the right Static Caravan to Purchase

Are you buying your first static caravan? With so many on the market, how do you find the caravan that best meets your needs?

You might want to start by getting catalogues together. Look at products from static caravan brands including Delta, Willerby, Swift, Atlas, Cosalt, ABI, Carnaby, BK Bluebird, Pemberton, Prestige and Regal. These are amongst the best static caravan manufacturers in the UK.

Here's our guide to choosing the right caravan holiday home:

What is the difference between static caravan and a lodge?

Understanding the difference between a static caravan and a lodge is very important. This can help you to decide exactly what you're looking for initially.

A lodge is often much larger than a static caravan. They're typically wider, with static caravans up to 14ft wide and lodges up to 22ft wide.

Understandably, lodges are usually more expensive. In return for your money, you'll get more space, and might choose a lodge if you plan to spend a lot of time inside your chosen holiday home.

Many lodges are built to residential standards, and can also be used on residential parks. This can mean that they have better insulation, ideal for out-of-season breaks. Of course, if you're choosing a holiday home you should be aware that it can't be used as a permanent home on a holiday park and that most parks are closed for at least six months over winter.

Understanding static caravan specs

The next step is to decide on static caravan specs. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

How many bedrooms?

How many bedrooms do you need? If you might grow your family, do you want a spare room to avoid a need to upgrade later?

What doors and windows?

Some static caravans have smaller windows, whilst others have floor-to-ceiling for making the most of the view. If you're planning to add a patio or decking, would you like something with French doors?

How accessible?

If someone might need wheelchair access, or if you're an older person with limited mobility, then you need to be especially careful when choosing a static caravan. Might French doors be needed for wheelchairs? Do you need a larger living space, or wider corridors to make your way around your holiday home?

What layout?

Even two caravans of identical sizes can have very different internal layouts. Room measurements, and blueprints, can help you to make your choice. Do you want a bedroom that's big enough for a king-size bed? How important is a wealth of storage space? What appliances do you need to fit in the kitchen?

Finding a suitable static caravan

Once you've considered static caravan specs, it is time to find a holiday home that meets your needs and requirements. You may find one that's already ideal, but might have to create and order your own.

Decide whether you're happy to wait for a custom-made static caravan, or whether you'd prefer to buy one that already exists.

Ready-to-go homes are often cheaper, especially if you buy second hand, but buying new straight from the manufacturer will give you something that's tailored to your needs. With a new static caravan, you are also going to receive a manufacturer's warranty.

Optional extras for a brand new static caravan might include integrated sound systems, extra plug sockets, central heating and double glazing. What comes as standard with one company might not come as standard with another, so do check exactly what you're getting for your money.

If you want to buy a new or used caravan, you can look to dealers or see what's available at the site that you've already chosen.

See for yourself

There's no better way to choose the right static caravan than to view them and see for yourself. Look around some caravans to get a sense of the quality, the design and the layout.

Looking at new and used static caravans for sale could help you to make your decision. You may find one that meets your needs, or could discover that you're looking for something that you simply can't buy pre-made. After viewing a few static caravans, there's a chance that you'll find the one you want. If not, it may be time to start getting a quote for a brand new one.

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