A guide to choosing a pitch for your static caravan

You've chosen your ideal holiday park. Now, it's time to choose a pitch. There are so many things to consider. How do you know that the pitch you've chosen meets your needs?

Here's how to choose the right pitch location, for a perfect position on your chosen park:

Create a list

Start by writing a list of everything that you really want. Different static caravan pitches will suit different types of people. If you didn't have to compromise, how would you describe your perfect location?

Here are some things to think about:

Static caravan pitch sizes

Different pitches are different sizes, and it's not always the biggest that's going to cost the most. Pitch location can factor into the price. Don't feel that your budget for a pitch will limit you to the smallest spaces.

What's the minimum size of pitch that you need for your static caravan? What if you wanted to upgrade in future? Would a larger static caravan still fit? If you need wheelchair access, factor this into your minimum pitch size.

Larger static caravan plots might be needed to give room for a ramp. The same applies to external features, such as decking, which must be factored in.

Static caravan pitch location

There are so many things to think about, when it comes to choosing a location.


Leisure amenities

How close to the leisure amenities do you want to be? Being closer will reduce your walking time, but could increase the noise around your caravan. Consider how you'll feel if you're close to the on-site bar. Will you be happy if your sleep is disturbed when everyone is leaving at night? Being further from the main amenities will result in a quieter experience.

Site features

Look for features around the park. Which ones are important to you?

Many parks have smaller play areas dotted about. Do you want to be close to these? You can even choose a pitch with a direct view, so that older children can play whilst you watch from inside your holiday home.

Don't forget the bins! Do you want to be a long way from rubbish disposal points, or would you prefer a location that's within an easier reached distance?


Would you like a pitch with a view? The prices of static caravan plots can be much higher for a lake or sea view. You might also pay more for an unbroken view of the countryside. If the view is important, expect to pay more. If it's not, you'll have more pitches to choose from.

The way your static caravan faces will also affect your experience. A south-facing caravan will get a lot of sun in the morning and early afternoon, whilst a north facing caravan will enjoy the evening sun.


Whilst some pitches have adjacent parking, others will use a communal car park slightly away from the caravan. Where will your car be parked, and are you happy to leave it in a more public location?


What can you see around your pitch? If there are plants and shrubs, will you be expected to maintain these? When choosing the right static caravan pitch, make sure that you ask if you'll be responsible for maintenance. If not, will it cost extra or be included in your site fees?


Whilst that sea view is appealing, there's a very good chance that you'll have to adjust to the noise of a strong sea breeze. If you're near the amenities, you'll need to be prepared for a lot of noise from other park users. The quietest static caravan pitches are often near the edge of the park.

Check the map

Once you've decided what's important, and where you can compromise, sit down with a copy of the park map. Check which pitches will meet your requirements. This is your shortlist of static caravan plots.

See for yourself

Visit the park, with your shortlist, and see the pitches for yourself. Just standing on a vacant pitch can help you to decide if it's right. Turn in all directions, checking the views from each side and end of your caravan.

Walk to the facilities in the centre. Would you happy to do this every day? How many people are walking past the pitch, and what can you hear as you stand there? Are you happy with the noise levels?


As you've probably already discovered, choosing the right static caravan pitch is a very personal decision.

What's right for one owner won't be right for another.

When you're making your decision, consider the future and whether you'll be happy long-term. Moving to another pitch can be costly, so you should do your best to future-proof your choice.

When you've made your decision, act quickly to secure your chosen pitch. Then, enjoy years of happy holiday memories or a steady income.

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